Platte Plains

full orchestra
(3[III=picc].picc.2[II=eh].eh.3[III=bcl].bcl.2 – – timp.perc(3).glock – strings)
duration: 11:50

This score presents a musical narrative, bringing you for a hike along the Platte Plains Trail in Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore (headquarters in Empire, MI). It is part of “Sanctuary Sketches” a larger work-in-progress seeking to explore the beautiful parks and nature preserves of northern Michigan through music, writing, painting, and photography.

Ms. 1-12 Introduction (Adagio luminoso) – sunrise in the woods
Ms. 13-32 Accel. (Allegretto con slancio) – the hikers bravely set off on the trail
Ms. 33-75 Main Themes (Allegro con grazio) – voices of the woods, needles & cones, (piccolo, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon & trumpet solos)
Ms. 76-92 (Largo pesante) – one hiker is very tired and complaining (tuba solo)
Ms. 94-115 (Adagio tranquillo con molto rubato) – the tired hiker is inspired when he finds a wild blue iris (flute, English horn & clarinet solo)
Ms. 116-165 (Moderato con spirito) – climbing the White Pine hills
Ms. 166-195 (Adagio Maestoso) – discovering Lake Michigan (horn solo and winds feature)
Ms. 196-222 (Larghetto sognando/Risoluto/Adagio affettuoso) – turning back; one last look (English horn, trumpet & strings feature)
Ms. 223-269 Main Themes recap (Allegro con grazio) – needles & cones; bolder voices of the woods
Ms. 270-277 (Adagio Maestoso) – a moment captured
Ms. 278-295 Coda – in the homestretch, triumphant return

This video is an electronic rendering of the full orchestral score using audio samples of acoustic instruments.

Premiere of this work, originally scheduled in 2020, is set for July 9, 2022 with the Benzie Area Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Thomas Riccobono.

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